New Print: Feeding Humpback Whales

I have prepared another image for sale as a fine art print. This one is titled Cetacean Cooperation. The image is of humpback whales engaged in bubble-net feeding:

Humpback whales, bubble-net feeding
Humpback whales, bubble-net feeding

This photo is available at this link as a museum-quality print, with prices starting at US$35 for an 8 x 10. 

While you're considering this image, please also check some of the other print images I've prepared.

For any purchase of a cetacean image, I will donate 10% of the purchase amount to Oceanswell, in order to help with ensuring a positive future for whales and other marine life in the waters of Sri Lanka.

I have spent a lot of time in that country, and I have seen first-hand that there is a lot of work to be done.

Ship strikes are an important issue that affects whales in the area (read about a blue whale killed by a ship).

And sadly, harassment from tourists is increasingly placing stress on marine mammals as well. It is now normal to see dozens of speedboats with camera-laden ego-tourists chasing whales, many driving over/ on top of them, frequently forcing the whales down before they have a chance to complete their breath cycles and replenish air supplies.

If you don't need a print but would like to help the whales, please consider donating directly to Oceanswell at this link.