Integrity Policy


All of the photographs and associated text on this site have been created by me, unless otherwise noted.

I capture all my images as RAW files. Having learned photography back in the days of film, when I shot mostly with Fuji Velvia and Provia, my natural tendency is to shoot to get the exact exposure that I want. That was the way you did things with film, so that is the way my mind works even now.

Digital files are, however, inherently different from film. Properly exposed RAW files often appear flat. The objective of RAW format is to capture and retain as much data as possible. To bring out proper colours, contrast, etc., a certain amount of post-processing is required, meaning using software like Photoshop.

So yes. I use Photoshop. Not terribly proficiently, but I do use the software.

This does not mean that I cut out parts of photographs and paste bits and pieces into other photos, or that I can magically conjur up beautiful images from nothing. No one can. If the exposure, composition, lighting, etc. are not right when I press the shutter button, I bin the file.

So any image you see on this site has been post-processed and cleaned-up a bit, possibly cropped...that's it. In the rare instances when I composite images or try something fancy like that, it's either dead obvious, or I state it upfront. 

I do not try to pass off an image created with software as something created in-camera.

Marine Life

I spend a lot of time researching, observing and studying marine life, waiting for the right conditions, behaviour, angles, lighting, and so forth. I don't poke, prod or punch animals, and I don't condone anyone else doing anything of the sort. All my photographs of marine life are of natural behaviour, in natural circumstances.

I am not, however, a whacko Eco-Nut. People who hit other divers on the head with poker sticks or pull out diving knives to threaten others over perceived eco-offences are insecure idiots looking for an ego boost. Please don't be one of those people.

Discussion of Products, Software, Destinations

From time to time, I write about stuff like cameras, underwater equipment, software, places I've visited, etc. I write only about things and services that I actually use/ have used, and communicate my own opinions. In some instances, products or services will have been provided to me for testing and/ or ongoing use, but under no circumstances will I accept payment to write opinions I do not have, nor will I repackage and publish editorial content that is provided to me.

Bottom line...any views I express on this site are my own and all information is true to the best of my knowledge. If I become aware of anything that contradicts what I have written, I will post such information as soon as possible.


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