Photos for Sale

Stock Photography

As a photographer, I sell photos. Makes sense, right?

I should probably clarify nonetheless.

I undertake nearly no assignment work these days. I research, arrange and fund my own projects, meaning I incur substantial risk. Nature rarely behaves as planned, so when things go awry, I can come up empty-handed and/ or out-of-pocket.

Though it's a total bummer when this happens, my independent approach affords me the flexibility to pursue subjects that I genuinely find interesting and worthwhile. It also means that:

  • I don't have to do deal with unreasonable editorial policies/ constraints;
  • I feel no pressure to "come up with the goods at any cost," a mentality that is incongruent with learning about and documenting nature; and
  • I am not forced to write articles that are thinly disguised advertorials/ travel brochures. 

Moreover, when I'm successful, the resulting experiences and images are often unique.

Given the way I do things, I provide images for sale only on a rights-managed, non-exclusive basis. I do not sell royalty-free images, and I do not provide images for "credit" (see Photos for Free section).

The photographs in the Stock photography section of this site are high-resolution files in Adobe RGB colour space, with most in tiff format. In order to facilitate maximum flexibility for various forms of media output, I edit the images as little as possible. In particular, I do my best to render blues that will reproduce with relative ease in CMYK, and I generally minimise saturation, contrast, sharpening, etc.

My stock photography collection is hosted on Photoshelter. If you are considering purchasing an image(s), you can use Photoshelter's selection and cart process to pick images, log in to Photoshelter, and download previews for layout mock-ups. You can purchased desired images directly via the Photoshelter commerce engine, or contact me directly to discuss. 

Given the amount of time I spend on the road, in the air and at sea, I don't have as much time as would be ideal to process and prepare full-resolution images. As such, the photographs in the Stock section represent a minor portion of the images I have available. I am endeavouring to prepare and add more images as often as I can, but please contact me directly if you have specific requests for subjects not represented in the Stock photography section.

In all cases, I require payment prior to delivery of files. I have wasted too much time and effort over the years chasing overdue payments.

Custom and Limited Edition Prints

I can prepare high-quality art prints upon request.

My aim is not to sell a lot of cheap prints. My philosophy is quality over quantity; originality vs. cliche snapshots.

If you are interested in a print(s), please contact me.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise specified in writing, all images on this site are copyright-protected, all rights reserved. Please do not use images without my express written consent.

I work with rights-management specialists who will enforce my intellectual property rights when necessary.