Weight Watchers Whale Workout

whalesPeople always seem to be looking for innovative and fun new ways of keeping fit.

Based on my experiences over the past few days, I've come up with a new fitness and weight-control programme that's bound to outdo Atkins and all those fad diet plans.

The basic steps are:

  • Wake up, eat as much of anything as you want.
  • Go out to sea on a small boat for an all-day abs, butt and leg workout by keeping
    your balance while being tossed around by waves, random swells and sudden gusts of wind.
  • Find and swim at high-speed with up to 10 cavorting whales for a couple of kilometres in high seas.
  • Throw up.
  • Repeat until you pass out.
  • Eat as much of anything as you want when if you recover.

Do this three times a week, and you'll be in the best shape of your life.