Wait For Me!

I sometimes hear voices in my head while I'm observing marine life...particularly when the water is frigid and I'm feeling the effects of hypothermia.

Yesterday, I saw these two Hypselodoris infucata nudibranchs, a teensy little one along with a much larger individual.

They were both grazing on a rock, and over the course of perhaps ten to twenty minutes, I watched as the big one put some distance between itself and the little slug.

The small one took notice at a belated juncture, and dashed off (at a snail's pace...literally), almost as if trying to catch up.

It was at this point that I heard a discussion ensue between these two invertebrates...primarily the little one screaming "Wait for me!" while the big one just grunted.

The little nudibranch took a wrong turn, however, and ended up on a high cliff (from its point of view)...staring out over the chasm that separated it from the other nudibranch.

It was heart-wrenching.

And even more odd (as if this post could get any stranger), the little nudi's voice that I heard was a high-pitched manga-esque Japanese voice (think...Sailor Moon).

I think perhaps I need to seek professional help.

two nudibranchs