Humpback Whale Prints

I get to meet some awesome people in the course of my adventures.

Last year for example, I spent a couple of weeks in the company of Tom Perkins, along with his fantastic(!) crew and friends, aboard his expedition vessel Dr No.

During the trip, Tom requested prints of two images I took during the 2012 humpback whale season in Tonga for display on his yacht, with this one (taken while I was with him) being his favourite:

Humpback whale heat run
Humpback whale heat run in the saloon of Dr No

Before I ramble any further, let me just say that my time aboard Dr No was one of the best experiences in my life, thanks to the quality of the people I met (+ yummy food courtesy of culinary wizard Lisa + hyper-energetic puppy Honey + mind-blowing amazing experiences).

Tom is, without qualification, one of the most down-to-earth and inspiring people I've ever come across. We talked at length, shared many laughs (oh the fantastic stories!); but most of all...I learned from him. He never failed to make me think, and more importantly, to make me want to achieve bigger and better things.

Not surprisingly, the crew aboard Dr No totally rocked, as Tom surrounded himself with only the best people. Any apprehension I had about spending an extended period aboard a private yacht with people I had never met dissipated as soon as I got to know Tom and his crew.

And to round out the trip, I also met a few of Tom's friends, who were of similarly high caliber and had done some jaw-dropping amazing things.

Male and female humpback whale engaged in courtship
Male and female humpback whale engaged in courtship

Anyway, I've been pretty bad about marketing and selling prints. When I say "pretty bad", I mean I've never done it...for two main reasons: lack of time; and inability to find someone reliable who is as much a stickler for detail and quality as I am.

When Tom requested the prints, I had, by coincidence, just initiated a working relationship with a print maker who makes my files look out-of-this-world I was able to get prints made for Dr No.

They are photographic prints (i.e., not inkjet) on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which I think is the best photographic paper ever made. If you remember the days of Cibachrome, the look is similar...a full-bodied, deep luster that makes the photos pop off the page.

My mounting option of choice, acrylic face-mount with dibond backing, protects the images and results in exhibition-quality products that truly shine.

I've also received several follow-up requests from people I met aboard Dr No, including for the print below. It's hanging above my friends Jantoon and Sonia's newborn son Eric.

(Someday, perhaps, I'll post an edited video of Jantoon trying to teach me to sail. It's...well...rather amusing.)

They wanted it to be one of the first things he learns to recognise; I'm hoping subliminal messaging will produce an eager young apprentice, i.e., strong lad to lug my equipment for me in a few years time!

humpback whale heat run photograph
Young Eric, my apprentice in training

I'm in the process of re-doing my blog, so I'm planning to have a section dedicated to prints when I re-launch my site. For the time being, I've selected just a handful of humpback whale images for limited edition runs of 50 prints per image, meaning once I hit 50 prints of a given image, I'll retire it from all prints forever. Each one is signed and numbered.

Given the low print run and labour/ equipment/ travel/ risk/ experience/ time-intensive nature of creating these prints...from taking the relevant photo through to the approval of each final well as the unique nature of the photographs, the prints are priced accordingly.

I'll have a list of images available for print purchase on my new site, but for the time being, if you're interested in investing in a custom print, please drop me a line via my contact form.

I'm also in the process preparing five sperm whale prints for presentation and sale at a talk I'm giving for the Nantucket Historical Association in early July. Those prints will each be #1/50.

I'll post more details about the talk once the logistics are finalised, in case you live near the area or will be visiting during that time.