It's the second day of TDEX, but just the first full day for me. I got into Bangkok yesterday and went to the show for a few hours, but left a bit early to grab dinner and crash (though actually, I ended up staying up 'til pretty late answering emails and such).

I'm about to head out with a bunch of friends to a place that specialises in awesome pad thai, something I really need, as I basically haven't eaten since breakfast. It's a local restaurant that I'd have no hope of finding myself...and let's just say that the pad thai is frickin' awesome.

Anyway, here's a snapshot from today...Mean looking at a portfolio of Gunther's amazing photos from his recent trip to India...on Gunther's iPhone. Some of the images are online here. I encourage you to take a look.

Gunther is an Apple certified instructor for Aperture, and he's here to do a couple of talks about the software. I managed to grab him for breakfast today and fire off a bunch of questions, and I'll probably do the same tomorrow.

mean and gunther