Summer 2018

Summer is here.

The rainy season has ended earlier than I can ever recall. It is boiling hot outside, hitting >32ºC (90ºF) daily, with high humidity. This kind of sucks for humans, but Oogway is loving it.

Oogway, Mauremys reevesii
Summer Days for Oogway the little pond turtle

He still has not grown much longer, but he has filled-out and filled-in. He scampers around at an incredible pace, and wow, does he have an appetite. He has become a voracious little eating and clambering machine, which I take as a positive indication that he's healthy and happy.

It is time for me to head out again. I've just wrapped up my last solid workout for a while, and I am leaving Oogway in good hands. The next time I'll see him is in over a month. It's amazing how attached I've become to this little turtle that appeared from nowhere.

Watching his antics has become a part of my daily routine, the perfect way to take a break. He is an excellent listener too, though he tends to wander off when I'm talking to him. I don't take it personally.

I will be offline most of the time for the next several months. Partly, this is because I will be in areas with sub-optimal to no connectivity, but also, it's by choice. Being disconnected brings the peace and tranquility I need to think, be productive, and truly enjoy the company of the friends I'm around.

For those of you joining me, safe travels and see you soon!