Steve Sucks (His Nauticam)

This is Steve again:

Steve Benjamin sucking Nauticam housing
Steve in an intimate moment with his housing

Yes, he is sucking his camera housing.

"But why?" you might wonder.

Believe it or not, this was not just a frustrated young man in heat losing all inhibition and sense of propriety. There was actually a point to Steve's sucking.

If you have a Nauticam housing, you should watch this video.

First, you'll note that the word "Nauticam" pronounced in South-African-speak sounds suspiciously like "Naughtycam," which happens to be quite appropriate for the following video tutorial on when, why and how to suck your camera housing.

Second, you'll note that Steve is quite talented. Credit where credit is due after all.

[video src=""]

After his objectophilic tryst, Steve was naturally spent and needed to recover.

Steve Benjamin asleep on the job
Sucking takes its toll on Steve

DISCLAIMER: The opinions, impulses, and techniques demonstrated in the above video in no way reflect the views, policies, or practices of Nauticam, me, or any other innocent bystanders. It's all on Steve.