Help With Squid ID?

Does anyone know what kind of squid this is? A sperm whale I was swimming with kindly shared it with me.

squid dropped by sperm whale
Squid dropped by a sperm whale

Here's a snapshot of it back on the surface:

Another picture of the squid dropped by a sperm whale

Update 18 April: I received this helpful note from my friend Dr Mark Norman, cephalopod specialist at the Museum Victoria in Australia:

Looks like a squid from the family Chiroteuthidae. They are midwater squid that hang off ammonia pockets in the first pair of arms (the fatter ones) and dangle feeding tentacle lures below them. Might have been snapped up in a group or been an incidental catch. Seems a bit little to be a targeted feed for a sperm whale. Like us eating ants.

Second update 18 April: I just received a second opinion from Dr Kotaro Tsuchiya of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology that concurs with the opinion Mark sent me.