Spying On Whales

I just received two autographed copies of Spying on Whales by Nick Pyenson, who is curator of fossil marine mammals at the Smithsonian.

Spying on Whales, Nick Pyenson
Spying on Whales, Nick Pyenson

It is a terrific book with lots of insights and personal accounts of discoveries about whales. My favorite part of the book is Chapter 11, Physical and Flensing Knives, which is about how Nick and cohorts discovered a new sensory organ in baleen whales. Yes, I am a cetacean- and biology-geek, but c’mon, finding a new organ and figuring out what it’s for is major cool.

Oh…the cover image is one of mine, from a memorable encounter with a super friendly male humpback calf and his totally chilled-out mother. Nick has good taste in images 😊

Seriously though, reading is vital to learning. Show Nick some love and improve your mind at the same time. Get the book!