Shrimp in the Spotlight

It's been a busy day.

I managed to squeeze in three dives before the Scubacam/ FiNS Magazine group arrived.

Everyone's here now. Kasawari's camera room is filled with photo and video equipment. And everyone's ready to get some serious diving done.

We're heading out for a normal schedule of day dives give everyone a chance to get wet and also make sure all their gear is in good working order.

Then, from the day after tomorrow, we'll shift to a night schedule, to explore the activity in Lembeh Strait after the sun goes down. The full moon is coming up on Monday, so hopefully there will be lots of exciting stuff happening.

Before I go to bed to rest and get ready for the upcoming week, here's a photo I took today of a teeny-weeny little shrimp (less than a centimetre long) on a whip coral: