Me At Work: Arta Tequila Style

This is an aerial view of Mounu Island Resort, where I happen to be right now:

mounu island resort, tonga
Aerial view of Mounu Island Resort, Tonga

I took the photo recently while zipping around Vava’u in this way-too-cool helicopter:

arta tequila helicopter
Prepping on the helipad, surrounded by beautiful South Pacific blue

which launched from this seafaring platform:

inside arta tequila helicopter
Home base visible out of the front of the cockpit

Here’s a head-on view:

front view arta tequila helicopter
Nose-on view of the Arta Tequila helicopter

I was fortunate enough to be a guest aboard the helicopter courtesy of Arta Tequila. Here's my personal bottle of award-winning Arta Reposado pictured here:

Arta Tequila Reposado
Chilling in the South Pacific with Arta Tequila

I will of course be sharing my hard-earned tequila with friends who are with me at Mounu right now. Maybe.

Life is tough, but someone has to do these things. See how I sacrifice for the sake of art and knowledge?

inside arta tequila helicopter
Obligatory in-chopper, pre-flight selfie