Seeing the Light


Here's a photo of a couple of nudibranchs, perhaps getting ready to mate. If you've been to Lembeh before, you know that there are a few sites nudibranchs seem to love. This pair was at Nudi Falls.

These are relatively common sea slugs (the name escapes me at this early hour), so lighting them differently is one way to continue having fun even after years of seeing the same nudibranchs.

The mottled pattern of these animals exaggerates the dramatic lighting, which fits nicely with the illumination of the underlying sand...which alternates between patches of darkness and scattered bright areas.

The first of our group arrived yesterday, so they'll join us in the water this morning. And, our new friend Andy will be departing today. He's been a lot of fun to have around...sometimes (always?) at his expense.

He desperately wanted to see a mimic and wonderpus. We looked and looked and looked, but came up empty while he was diving. I jokingly predicted that we'd find them immediately after he stopped diving, and sure enough, once he was finished...we had two wonderpuses for over an hour. The critters just know.

Andy has caught both the diving and camera bugs, so it won't be long before he's schlepping around multiple cameras to remote locations around the world. Though it's early stages yet, he seems to have a terminal case. This is Andy waking up really early to fiddle with camera gear:


Finally, I've been using the same camera set-ups for a few days, so I'm off to the camera room this morning to switch a few things around before the morning dive.