Me At Work: Palau Edition

Ever quick with his reactions, my friend Patrik captured this freeze-frame of an evening "discussion" I had with my "friend" Ron, who was leading a kayak trip for my friends and me during my final adventure last year, an extended visit to Palau:


ron leidich, tony wu, palau rock islands
Sunset Kung Fu Featuring Dumber and Dumbest (Ron!)

The tension built-up over several days, as anyone who's suffered extended exposure to Ron (or me for that matter) can probably understand.

One evening it all came to a head, and we simply had to settle the score. I said Superman. Ron said Batman. Clearly, only one can prevail.

Anyway...I (sort of) feel bad about it, but Ron's prognosis is good. He should be back on his feet in a few more days.

On a more serious note, the kayak trip (and the spawning trips before and after) were fantastic. We paddled our way through remote, tranquil corners of Palau's beautiful Rock Islands and camped out on white-sand beaches. Most of the time, there wasn't another soul in sight.


palau rock islands
Bird’s-eye view of Palau’s Rock Islands

I posted a few more photos from the kayak excursion at the bottom of my trip page if you're interested.