Osaka Presentation + Humpback Whale Carving

I've just put the finishing touches on my presentation, and I'm off to Osaka in the morning.

tony wu presentation about whales in osaka
Opening slide for my presentation

It's 93 slides long with over 100 photos, a few videos and half a dozen audio tracks or so...a lot of work to put together! I'm covering humpbacks (southern and northern hemisphere), sperm whales, dwarf minkes, Bryde's whales and blue whales. Whew.

When I get back, I'll dive into the enormous task of going through all the humpback whale calf IDs from the recent season in Tonga. I know we have more than 50. The question many more?

To remind me of the work I need to do, here is a recent addition to my whale-stuff collection...a sculpture of a female humpback whale with a calf, hand-carved from sandstone by a friend in Tonga.

Humpback whale mother and calf carved from sandstone
Humpback whale mother and calf carved from sandstone