Autumn 2016

After getting back from the United Kingdom, I took a short break to visit Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures in Japan, partly to hook up with friends, partly just to get away.

I'm heading out again in a few hours, so I can't write much. Following are a few snapshots from my excursion.

Japanese momiji maple leaves autumn
Japanese momiji maple leaves in full autumn glory (License image)
Otomeno-taki Waterfall, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Otome-no-taki Waterfall, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (License image)
Japanese momiji maple leaf changing colors in autumn
Momiji leaf mid-way through changing colours (License image)
river in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Contemplating the flow of nature, Yamanashi Prefecture (License image)

We stayed at a nice Kominka (古民家) one night with friends from the US...

Japanese traditional water kettle
Traditional water kettle at kominka in Yamanashi (License image)
persimmons hanging to air dry, japan
Persimmons hanging to dry in crisp autumn air. I love persimmons! (License image)
traditional rice preparation, japan
Preparing rice the old-fashioned way in Japan (License image)

Inspired by the terrific people I met in the UK, I carried around camera gear to look for small stuff:

Japanese tree frog (Hyla japonica)
Made friends with a Japanese tree frog (Hyla japonica) (License image)
dragonflies, japan
Cheeky dragonflies using me as a perch while I was photographing the frog
juvenile clown stink bug (Poecilocorus lewisi)
Juvenile clown stink bug (Poecilocorus lewisi) (License image)
Euproctis piperita caterpillar
Euproctis piperita caterpillar (License image)
white mushroom, Nagano, Japan
White mushroom - Anyone know what species it could be? (License image)
mushrooms and snow, Nagano, Japan
Mushrooms (species ID?) sprinkled with first snowfall (License image)

That's it until next autumn...

Japanese momiji leaves in autumn
Japanese momiji leaves in autumn (License image)
perfect autumn day, japan
Perfect autumn day in Japan, November 2016