Me At Work

This is me. At work. In Tonga. Looking for whales.

Tony Wu aka Keroro
Me at work, surrounded by saluting manga amphibians

I’m sporting my oh-so-stylish whale-watching attire comprising the only pair of sunglasses I’ve ever managed to keep intact for more than a few days ($14.99 polarised pair I picked up at Target); a hat with a built-in back-flap to minimise sunburn on my ears and neck (I have sensitive skin); and my custom-made neoprene coat to keep me warm after prolonged immersion (I get cold easily).

Chic, no?

Vania, one of the six people who joined my first trip in Tonga this season, took this photo. And then embellished it.

From what I gather, I remind her of a Japanese manga character named Keroro...a green frog who, like me, is at the cutting edge of fashion.

I’m not actually familiar with this animated character, but since it appears that Keroro-san merits salutes from an entire phalanx of multi-hued two-dimensional amphibian shock troops...I’ll take it as a compliment.

Thanks Vania!