Pad Thai

Finally, I managed to have Thai food for dinner. We went to a place known as pad thai pratuphi for pad thai, certainly among the most popular of well-known Thai dishes and one of my favourites.

It's a small local restaurant near the Grand Palace. The restaurant is really famous and always packed. It's also impossible to find by myself, which means I need to rope friends into going (not difficult to do).

The pad thai is absolutely delicious. I always get it haw khai style, which means having the noodles wrapped in a delicate layer of egg, along with a glass of the restaurant's freshly squeezed orange juice, which is out-of-this-world yummy.

Watching the cooks prepare the pad thai and wrap it in egg is fascinating. Of course, eating the finished product is even better. I never manage to escape without at least two servings.

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