Our Planet and BBC Wildlife

I recently received my copy of the companion book to the Our Planet documentary series to be aired soon on Netflix.

Our Planet, Netflix
Cover of companion book to Netflix documentary Our Planet

It's a big book, over 300 pages, with lots of photos. I haven't had time to read it yet, but a quick glance through tells me it's worth spending some time on. 

If you get a copy, one of my sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) photos appears as a double-page spread:

Sperm whale photo in Our Planet book
Sperm whales in a cluster, pages 300-301

I also have a 9-page feature in the April 2019 issue of BBC Wildlife magazine:

humpback whales BBC Wildlife magazine
Opening spread of 9-page feature on humpback whales, BBC Wildlife magazine April 2019

The editor was also nice enough to introduce the feature at the front of the magazine. Thank you Sheena!

BBC Wildlife magazine, April 2019
BBC Wildlife magazine, April 2019