Oogway Update

This is Oogway a couple of days ago:

Oogway, Mauremys reevesii
Oogway at 2.5 months, 4.0cm shell length

This was Oogway on 29 May, a few days after I found him on street:

Oogway, baby Mauremys reevesii
Oogway when I first found him, 2.8cm shell

He's grown from 2.8cm at the shell to just under 4.0cm in the span of 2.5 months. He's also become thicker through the body and substantially stronger/ more muscular. None of this comes as a surprise of course, but I've been away for over a month, so his increase in size and strength were quite apparent when I first saw him after getting back.

You might also notice that his body language is different. He's confident now, standing tall (for a teeny turtle) with his neck extended to look around. When I first found him, he was unsure of himself, undoubtedly due to his diminutive size, but also perhaps as a result of whatever trauma he endured before I came across him.

I only have a few days to get sorted before I head out again, so I have lots to attend to. But Oogway is doing me a favour by forcing me to take breaks at least three times a day to hang out and enjoy the moment.