Night Safari Wrap Up

Today was the final day of our week-long Night Safari trip at Kasawari Lembeh Resort. Most everyone concluded the trip with two dives this morning, leaving at least 24 hours before the SilkAir flight back to Singapore tomorrow afternoon.

It's been a terrific trip, and one thing's for certain: Lembeh Strait is filled with activity at night! From miscellaneous cephalopods on the prowl, to mass opistobranch spawning (by the thousands!) and creepy crawlies scavenging for was literally non-stop action through the night.

To wrap-up the event, we took a group photo this evening. Since the trip revolved largely around diving at night, it seemed only fitting to take the photo after dark, using the very same strobes we used this week to illuminate our photographic subjects:

group photo

Afterward, we had a bit of fun with Julian, who was here in Lembeh last year with us too (and will also be with us at the Night Safari Ambon later this year).

He was looking for a portrait photo of himself, so this is what I came up with:


(Somehow, it just didn't seem possible right to take a serious photograph of Julian.)

And finally, to wrap up...a huge thanks to Scubacam for handling all the trip logistics, and especially to the wonderful staff and dive guides of Kasawari Lembeh Resort, who stayed up to the cold, wet, wee hours of the morning with us, making the Night Safari Lembeh a big success.

I'll be at Kasawari for a while longer, so I'll post more photos soon.