More Cuteness

Though I didn't spend as much time exploring above-water this time as I did on my first visit to Ambon in October last year, I did have a few opportunities to look around and make a few friends.

This little girl was really shy at first. Her father is in the far background, working with another guy to repair fishing nets. Her mother was off to one side saying something along the lines of "It's ok, he's human.", though the little girl wisely maintained a healthy dose of scepticism.

shy girl

One of the things I've noticed in my travels is that kids and parents in supposedly less-developed territories are generally friendlier and more open that their counterparts in modern urban environments.

Seriously, if I walked up to a random kid in most cities with a big camera in hand, I'd risk being arrested, beaten up, or both.

In the remote areas I travel to, taking photographs of people is usually an instant way to make friends...transcending cultural barriers and the impediments of language.

After showing the little girl's parents the first few shots I took, they told her something like: "Smile, smile, pose, pose!" while laughing say nothing of the delighted reaction I got when the girl saw her own image on my LCD. Within short order, there was a gaggle of other giggling girls and boys waiting to have their photos taken.

All I ever wanted when I was growing up was to live in the big city. Now I can't wait to escape the urban jungle to head out to places most people have never heard of. Funny how priorities change in life.