Moody Stonefish

Stonefish are ugly. There's no way around it. I did my best with this image to at least make the fish look somewhat aesthetically pleasing. It's always an uphill struggle with stonefish.


The Scubacam group just arrived, got checked in, and a few are preparing to go out for a check dive, while the others assemble camera gear.

The spacious camera room at Kasawari is ideal for gatherings like this. There's lots of space to fiddle with gear, and you have a chance to check out what everyone else has.

David and SanahFor the next week, we'll be diving together, practicing photo techniques, doing daily Q&A sessions, and selecting photos for the list of prizes that David and Sanah (pictured to the left checking in) have prepared. Actually, I haven't seen the prizes, so checking out the goody bag is on my to-do list for this evening.

But first, a night dive...

Note: Cheryl Fan corrected my lousy ID. This is probably a devil scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis diabolus) instead of a stonefish. Thanks Cheryl!