Missing Mojo

It's Christmas morning. I was searching for a suitably festive image to post for the holidays, when I stopped and thought: "Nah, that's boring. Everyone does that.", and I decided to post something silly instead.

Phil immediately came to mind.

Phil was one of my fellow travellers aboard the MV Golden Dawn on my recent trip to PNG. He was a constant and reliable source of entertainment (the term "court jester" springs to mind), as is evident from this montage of Phil searching for his photographic mojo during the first day or two of the trip:


Despite his resemblance to Dr Evil, Phil is actually much more of an Austin-Powers-type personality.

In case you were wondering, Phil located his misplaced mojo at some stage, as he stopped waving his hands around like a deranged supervillain...though he commenced singing excerpts from cheesy '80s pop songs at random intervals.

Happy Holidays!