Modern Art

While on a business trip to Seattle a few years ago, I stayed with a friend, at another friend's house. One afternoon, our friend drove us around for a tour of the town.

In a particularly scenic and quaint neighborhood, she parked her shiny, clean white VW beetle under a row of trees, and we went for a pleasant stroll. When we returned some time later, this is what we found — a no-longer-pure-white VW beetle.

Ignoring the fact that our host and chauffeur was practically in tears, we pulled out a camera (when we managed to stop rolling in laughter) to take this snapshot, then worked late into the night (despite suffering from jet lag and sleep deprivation) with our rudimentary photoshop skills and virtually non-existent German language vocabulary to produce this work of modern art for our kind, if unfortunate, host.

You have to wonder what the local fowl were eating to produce such a psychedelic array of colours.

Perhaps Seattle needs some practically minded people like the ones in Tokyo who post pigeon-poop warnings.

[And yes, I'm aware we got the word for "friend" incorrect, but it was about 3am local time, and who knows what hour in the time zone we were supposed to be in]

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