Munching Mikans

To work off some of the calories from indulging in far too many new year treats, I spent most of the afternoon yesterday helping out at a friend's citrus farm, a place called Suzuki-en (鈴木園).

There are acres and acres of citrus trees, with different varieties in season throughout the year. Mandarin oranges, known in Japan as mikan (蜜柑, ミカン, or みかん), are the main fruit right now.

Since I spend much of my time in tropical climates with white sand and palm trees, it took a while to acclimate to the single-digit ºC temperature and winter wind, but it was certainly refreshing being outside, breathing in the crisp, clean air while I raked up leaves and fallen citrus bits, emptied containers, hauled stuff around, etc.

My body ached a bit last night from the manual labour, but I had so much fun that I'm heading back after I post this to lend a hand again.

Of course, I sampled a few mikans here and there throughout the day, and took some back as natural Vitamin C supplements for the cold winter evening...which is to say...I ate too much again.