Meeting Mike

There are some really strange things in Lembeh. Take Mike for example.

Mike Veitch

Mike is the manager at NAD-Lembeh Dive Resort. He's been kind enough to invite me over to NAD several times, but I've never actually made it over there until tonight (actually, I've totally been avoiding him, on the advice of mutual acquaintances).

Mike is from Canada. As if that weren't sufficient reason to give him wide berth, Mike has been alone for a long time, stuck on a small island in Indonesia.

He is, let's say, desperate for companionship.

...which is why I was quite happy that Hergen (who is the manager at Lembeh Resort) was also present for the evening.

Hergen is cuter than I am (at least in Mike's eyes), so he bore the brunt of Mike's misguided affections.

Mike and Hergen

Not long after I took this photo, Hergen wisely rushed back to his wife at Lembeh Resort, and I fled returned to Kasawari Lembeh Resort, leaving Mike...once again...frustrated and alone.

Note to Mike: This is what you get for inviting me over!