Oogway’s Outing

Oogway, the baby Mauremys reevesii pond turtle I found on the road, has been with us for a little less than two weeks now.

Though I was super-worried in the first 48 hours that he might not make it, he seems to have taken well to his new surroundings.

We are spending a lot of time together, contemplating the meaning of life. Turns out, Oogway is an excellent listener.

Here he is out for his daily walk:

baby Mauremys reevesii turtle
Oogway out for an afternoon stroll

I've been able to measure him more accurately. His shell length comes in at just under 2.8cm. That's tiny!

As I wrote previously, I am not entirely certain that Oogway is male. I'm guessing that's the case because of the length of his tail, but I'll have to wait until Oogway is bigger to be certain.

Oh...this morning he took food from my finger 😊