Little Vanilla

There are several people here with me now who are taking part in the first non-Japanese group that I've organised for swimming with whales in Tonga...two visitors from the US, two from Singapore and two from France.

One of the people, Nathalie, nailed this image of a calf coming up for a breath of air. She was so happy that she showed everyone on the boat (several times) and was all smiles from the rest of the day (and the next day too).

The group decided to name the calf (the 14th one we've ID-ed this season) Vanilla...for the delicious vanilla gelato made by one of our friends here. I had three servings the other night...which no doubt contributed to the selection of the calf's name.


Nathalie took this photo with a Canon G10, proving that you don't always need the biggest 'n baddest equipment to get great shots.

Even more amazing is the fact that Nathalie was somewhat nervous when she arrived just a few days ago, and she even lost a fin on her first foray into the water.

Nonetheless, she persevered, and now has this wonderful image (as well as others) to show for her effort...after only a few days.

Well done Nathalie!