Eastern Fields Trip

A couple of places have opened up for one of the trips I'm leading to the Eastern Fields in PNG in association with Wetpixel. [Update 5 Jan: Spots filled]

The trip is for 10 to 20 January 2012, aboard MV Golden Dawn. We'll be heading out to a submerged coral reef atoll system in the middle of the Coral Sea, where the corals are unspoiled and fish teeming, like this:

Millions of fish at Carl's Ultimate dive site in the Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea
This is what my favourite dive site
in the Eastern Fields looks like when it's rockin'

The photo above is from the most intense, fish-filled, absolutely insane reef dive I've ever done, at a site in the Eastern Fields called Carl's Ultimate, named for my friend and mentor Carl Roessler. There's so much action that you'll want to go right back in (or, if you're on rebreather like me, you'll just stay in for three hours or so at a time, come up to scarf down cookies and chocolate cake, then drop in for another three hours).

To give you a better sense of the diving in the Eastern Fields, below is a video from my previous visit. I've posted this before, but in case you haven't seen it, please take a quick look:

If you have time next January, this is an amazing trip that's sure to knock your dive socks off.

Please get in touch with Dan Baldocchi for more information, or send me a message via my contact form.

Lots of fish and pristine corals at Carl's Ultimate dive site in the Eastern Fields of PNG
...and hungry predators like this is why the small fish need to swim quickly