Juvenile Flying Gurnard

The main reason I traveled to Palau again recently was to continue my efforts to photograph fish spawning aggregations. I just can't get enough of fish orgies.

I did, however, manage to work-in one blackwater dive while I was in the islands. The first 20 minutes or so were uneventful, but then a bunch of interesting stuff swam past.

Here's one of the interesting finds for that night, a juvenile oriental flying gurnard (Dactylopus orientalis), which was 2-3cm long:

Juvenile Dactylopus orientalis flying gurnard
Juvenile Dactylopus orientalis (License image)

Neat, huh?

Assuming it was toward the higher end of my estimate—let's say 3cm—I figure it was only 1/433th the length of a moderately sized, 13m-long humpback whale.

See the thought-provoking-yet-utterly-pointless stuff you can learn when you read my blog?