Hong Kong DRT 2015

I'm back from the DRT Show in Hong Kong.

Tony Wu, DRT Show Hong Kong 2015
Title slide designed to bamboozle with fancy words

I am happy to report that: 

  1. It was a terrific show, the first dive industry gathering I've been to in many years;
  2. It was wonderful catching up with friends, however briefly, and making new ones;
  3. It was a relief getting each of my two talks ready just-in-time (only barely for the first one) as well as remembering what I wanted to say; and,
  4. It was sensational to indulge in copious quantities of delicious Cantonese cuisine. Burp.

A big thanks to the organisers for being incredibly well-organised. Didn't have a single problem from the time I landed to the time I left, and the audiovisual equipment worked perfectly!

Several friends were kind enough to share photos of my talks, which I'm including here as evidence that I do wear shoes, pants, and even a jacket every once in a while (in response to snide remarks from a few of my "friends"). Oh...and also to document my progressive loss of hair.

Tony Wu, DRT Show Hong Kong 2015
Me going "blahblahblah" about humpback whales
Tony Wu, DRT Show Hong Kong 2015
Me going "blahblahblah" about sperm whales