Shrimp Poo

Hairy shrimp (there are lots of hairy animals in Lembeh Strait) are fascinating animals.

They're tiny (like..."squint-really-hard" tiny), and they completely blend in with the moss-like fuzz (let me know if I lose you with the scientific jargon) on lots of stuff in the water.

I first saw one of these in Ambon, but it was so small and enigmatic that I posted a photo of it wrong-side forward. I thought the tail was its front part, and the head the rear-end. Duh.

As it turns out, these shrimp are probably quite common. It's just that they're so small and well hidden that most people don't notice.

Yesterday, I had a chance to photograph one of these cryptic crustaceans again.

hairy shrimp

Perhaps this Lembeh shrimp heard about my inability to distinguish front- from rear-end of its green-tinged Ambon kin...and decided to take a dump so even a thick-headed person like me would stop and say "Hey, wait a second.", which I did.

And just to be sure that I really got it, the shrimp defecated again for (or at?) me a bit later on.

hairy shrimp

Oh yeah...the eggs that the shrimp is carrying also helped me to see which end was which.

Perhaps I should take offence at animals poo-ing in my general direction, but I've had considerably bigger things take a dump on me before, so I wasn't bothered in the least.

Note: I still don't know what this shrimp actually is. Help?