Fusigobius neophytus with Eggs

While I'm on an egg thing, here is a photo of a common fusegoby (Fusigobius neophytus) watching over a clutch of eggs. These small fish are called sankaku-haze (サンカクハゼ) in Japanese.

Fusigobius neophytus with eggs
Fusigobius neophytus with eggs. D800, 105mm, Nauticam, RGBlue lights (License image)

Pictured here, the next generation is hanging from the ceiling of the fish's narrow den, which was basically the space sandwiched between large slabs of rock. Look closely, and you can see the silver reflection from the developing eyes of the soon-to-be baby fishes.

These are not particularly rare or unusual fish. That's probably why the term "common" is part of their common name.

You don't always need to search for the latest and greatest fad animals.

Sometimes the most interesting things and best subjects are the ones that are right in front of you, often being ignored by everyone else.