The Three Stooges

First, let me state up front, for the record, that I take my work very seriously. 24/7/365, I'm always looking for the optimal way to portray subjects in a flattering, aesthetically pleasing manner.

I have to confess defeat, however, at the hands of this terrible trio:

The three stooges: Larry, Curly and Moe (aka Julian, Phil and Andy)

Julian and Phil (left and middle) were two of the participants on the recent Ambon Night Safari trip at Maluku Divers with Eric, me and others from Wetpixel and the FiNS Flickr group. Andy is the owner of the resort (who admittedly deserves more respect than I can manage to muster for him...but c'est la vie).

I did my best to make them look good, but I learned a valuable lesson in the process... Sometimes, there is just no going against Mother Nature.

In the end, I settled upon shooting them from a higher vantage point, not just so I could look down upon them (I already do in any event), but also, so I (and by extension you) wouldn't have to gaze further upon their gruesome grimaces:

Three of one, a half, half-dozen of another

And finally, more for my amusement than theirs, I asked them to sit-and-shuffle, in a shell game with no clear winner: