Interview and Podcast: FiNSFotoFeature

This is an special photography feature and interview in the recent issue of FiNS Magazine, with me and a handful of fellow underwater photographers.

Most interview questions I get from magazines are mind-numbingly dry, dull and unimaginative: "Where is your favourite place to dive?", "What kind of camera do you use?", "What is your favourite animal?", "Have you ever swum with sharks?", etc. Truth be told, it's nigh impossible to gather up the motivation to answer questions like that time and again.

Aey and Mean at FiNS came up with an entirely unique, if not oddball, set of questions which were actually a lot of fun to answer. Even more fun was reading everyone else's answers, and seeing that at least one thing...a great (if warped) sense of humour...binds us all together.

Right click here to download the PDF file (2 MB...It's a big file packed with lots of nice images).

The PDF file is also available as a download from my iTunes podcast.