Flickr-ing Like a Madman

I love [tag]Flickr[/tag]. It's such a cool online tool, and it makes it so much easier for me to share images with friends around the world.

Prior to Flickr, I had to prepare jpgs and send them to people all around the planet — friends, magazines, random queries, etc. When I was on the road, this was nearly impossible, given the relatively poor bandwidth in most places I visit (as well as the high cost of accessing the net while travelling). Also, when I was using film, there was of course the processing and scanning time, which inevitably took lower priority than everything else.

So now with my new [tag]Canon[/tag] digital SLRs and Flickr, I'm able to upload to one location, and ask people to subscribe to my Flickr RSS feed to get automatic updates of new image uploads.

Practically, this means I can upload once to the net, and reach everyone who's interested, instead of wasting time and bandwidth on emailing people separately.

So before I next head out, I've been digging up files from my hard drive and Flickr-ing like a madman. Selecting and preparing images is still time-intensive and labourious, but overall, it's much more efficient.

The tag function in Flickr allows me (or anyone else) to search through the uploaded images quickly, which means minimising the time searching through my hard disks.

Finally, I've tried to identify the main subjects of the images with the proper Genus species classification, which again provides a handy online reference. There are quite a few fish which I'm unable to identify (especially gobies), so if you spot something you recognise, please let me know!

...ok back to Flickr-ing.