Evergreen Restaurant in Tonga

Landed in Tonga last night after a smooth trip. I'm still in Nuku'alofa, and have spent the day saying hi to friends, including Chef Lin and his sister Emily, who ran the Golden Lily restaurant in Vava'u.

They moved down to Nuku'alofa at the end of 2011, and have started a new restaurant here called the Evergreen Restaurant. It's a little outside of the main town, but if you are visiting Tonga and want to sample some of the best Chinese food anywhere in the world, this is the place.

Roasted eggplant...my favourite!
Roasted eggplant...my favourite dish!

Fried lobster with salt and pepper
A Chef Lin masterpiece: Fried lobster with salt and pepper

If you are a fan of delicious(!!!!!!!) Chinese food, you won't regret visiting the restaurant, which is located in Ma'ufanga, Tongatapu. Telephone 21563.

Salt and pepper squid
Salt and pepper squid

Gotta go. Heading back to the restaurant for dinner.