Eric's Adoring Fan Club

Eric and I gave two talks each at the Thai Travel and Dive Expo in Bangkok this weekend.

Here's a snapshot of Eric showing a photo he took of flamboyant cuttlefish while we were in Lembeh back in March, using the Inon wide-angle macro lens:

Eric Cheng speaking at TDEX 2010

Both of us are accustomed to public speaking, so for the most part, things went smoothly…nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary…except, of course, for a spontaneous gathering of a gaggle of giggling girls expressing undying adoration for young Mr. Cheng (no doubt related to his adroit handling of the aforementioned phallic lens):

Eric enthusiastically explaining his mastery of all things long

Being the consummate professional that he is, Eric took things in stride (note the dopey expression on his face, visible even from behind), even deigning to pose for a group photo with his doey-eyed fan club after he had finished expounding on f-stops and lens angles:

Eric trying not to show how pleased he was with the situation

Despite relishing the attention lavished upon him, young Eric did appear somewhat uncomfortable at times, particularly during the photo session...when he was careful to keep his hands in his lap, lest he inadvertently infringe upon the modesty of one of the innocent young lasses around him:

It is, however, a sad fact of life that all good things must come to an end. The captivated co-eds soon lost interest in my friend, leaving him alone, staring into the distance with a forlorn, pensive expression:

Eric, after being abandoned by his harem

Actually, I was with Eric for the rest of the afternoon, but he seemed rudely disinterested in any attention I attempted to lavish upon him.

Go figure.