8 Calves for Humpback Whale Super Mommy

Super Mommy strikes again! 

This time with another male calf, making for a total of 8 recorded calves from 1998 to 2016. (2016 sighting and photo courtesy of Matt Draper)

Super Mommy with baby boy, 2016 Edition

During that 19-year period, she's had three baby boys, one baby girl, and four for which I wasn't able to determine gender. Download this PDF to see a full summary of sightings and babies, and you'll see just how prolific humpback whales can be if we leave them alone.

Humpback fecundity helps to explain why NOAA recently removed most populations of humpbacks from endangered status, as I mentioned in my previous blog post about my humpback whale trips next year.

Thank you Matt, and everyone else who has pitched in over the years to this joint project. If she keeps to schedule, Super Mommy could be back with another baby in 2018. Keep your eyes open!

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