Adventures With Craig

For the past couple of weeks, I've been completely occupied putting the following video together:

Downloadable copy available via my iTunes podcast. Music by Alain Thomas via

I shot all of the video footage and most of the photos during a month-long stay in Papua New Guinea last year aboard the MV Golden Dawn, a trip I co-organised with Eric Cheng and Wetpixel.

Of note...I captured all the video footage with DSLR cameras, using a Canon 5D Mark II underwater and a Canon 7D topside. This is also the first time I've edited anything with Final Cut Pro and Motion, both part of Apple's Final Cut Studio software collection. (So cut me some slack if you see mistakes/ areas for improvement! I think I did an excellent job of making Craig look. No simple task by any means.)

In case it's not obvious, the waters of Papua New Guinea are absolutely amazing. I'm planning a few more trips with Craig for June 2011 and January 2012. We're still ironing out specifics, but check back soon for details!

Note: For contrast and comparison, here's another video I posted earlier from the same trip, with footage taken with a very different type of camera.