Sharks. Slaughtered.

It seems like no matter where I go, I come across sights like this:

two very small dead sharks, sea of cortez
All that's left of two little sharks

The fact that I took these photos inside a national marine park in the Sea of Cortez just compounds the tragedy.

two dead hammerhead sharks, sea of cortez
Two hammerheads. Sadly, just their heads.

All the sharks pictured above were small, basically pups. I suppose it should be obvious that killing young sharks means fewer individuals of breeding age going forward, which of course means fewer and fewer sharks in the future...but I guess this self-evident point escaped the person or people responsible.

To make matters worse...there were many, many more shark heads scattered on this particular beach. I gather that it's not a particularly unusual sight in the area, which begs the question of what purpose a national marine park serves. If any.