Bedlam in Bangkok

I have so many things to be doing (and I'm trying to make progress), but I'm still glued to my computer monitoring the flow of information coming in from Bangkok.

The military crackdown took place this morning, with the government successfully retaking Lumpini Park and nearby areas, followed by the surrender of several key opposition leaders (some others apparently fled).

But that was just the beginning. Heightened emotions coupled with lack of centralised control among the protestors meant things got out of hand quickly.

Buildings have been set ablaze, financial institutions attacked, media outlets surrounded, journalists threatened...and a curfew has been imposed beginning at 20:00 local time. Violence has reportedly spread to other parts of Thailand as well, though it's difficult to assess the scale of the problem.

Anger prevails, and the atmosphere is toxic (both figuratively and literally due to the many burning tyres and other debris).

fighting scorpionfish

Whatever the case, it seems likely that things will get worse before they get better.

With email, Twitter and other online least I can keep in touch with friends in Bangkok. Fortunately, everyone I know is ok. I really hope it stays that way.