Coffee Woes

I walked into a coffee place today, a popular chain, and asked for a regular decaf coffee. The guy taking my order nodded and said, "One decaf Latte".

"Actually, could I just get a regular decaf coffee?" I repeated.

"Right, one decaf Latte", he repeated.

"Ummm, how about a regular decaf coffee, not a Latte?" I asked in the most polite and patient voice I could muster.

Puzzled look from the obviously befuddled guy behind the counter, who exchanged knowing glances with his co-workers. Finally, he said slowly but kindly (as if addressing Forrest Gump): "We don't serve decaf coffee."

"I see. Do you have anything decaf besides Latte?" I asked.

"We have decaf Americano." he quipped immediately.

"Ok, forget the decaf coffee and give me a decaf Americano."

Content now, he took my order, and I got my decaf coffee Americano. An awful lot of trouble to get a frickin' decaf coffee.