Sampai Jumpa Lagi

It's time for me to leave Ambon, after another adventure-packed stay filled with lots of critter encounters, new experiences and great times with friends from around the world.

I'd like to thank Maluku Divers for hosting the Ambon Night Safari (and even putting up with me for a couple of weeks thereafter!).

The nocturnal event went off without a hitch, and I'm looking forward to planning another after-dark adventure.

Bungalows in the tranquil setting of Maluku Divers

If a muck-diving trip is in the cards for you, Ambon is worth checking out, either as a dedicated trip or an add-on before/ after a liveaboard journey. The resort is located right next to the prime muck sites.

A few days of travel lie ahead of me, followed by the customary period of culture-shock/ re-adjustment to city life (oh the horror).

I'll post more images after I'm back. In the meantime, here's a special farewell from a friendly local resident:

Large, bright green frog outside my window after a night dive