Scat Trick

So I'm sitting at dinner with three women and two guys.

I proudly proclaim that I've scored my first scat trick, which leads to immediate chuckles from the guys...but bewildered silence from the women.

Picture cute Japanese manga characters with baffled expressions, over-sized eyes going "blink, blink, blink" with incomprehension...and you get the idea.

Neon orange-red blue whale defecation
Neon orange-red blue whale poo. Hue courtesy of the whale's krill diet

The fact that I had to explain (several times) what a hat trick is, and then go on to clarify my clever cross-discipline comparison (athletics/ scatology)...well...sorta put a damper on the whole funny vibe I thought I had going. Oh well.

Anyway, in case you don't know..."hat trick" is a term used in many sports to refer to achieving three of something, like scoring three goals.

I thought this was common knowledge, but as I learned from the befuddled expressions at dinner...obviously not.

Well, in the past few weeks, I've had purchasers for photographs of three different types of whale defecation.

Three. Hat Trick. Whale defecation. Scat Trick. Witty. Right?

Well I thought it was.

Humpback whale defecation, tonga
Humpback whale poo, soft-serve ice cream style

Sperm whale defecating at ocean surface
Sperm whale defecating in my general direction

In any event, it's gratifying to know that I've established myself as the (under-appreciated) leader in the niche field of cetacean doo doo photos.