More Whale Watching at Home

A package from Ogasawara arrived for me while I was in the UK, and I finally had time to open it a little while ago.

Inside were the trio of smiling sperm whales below, which will go nicely with the spectacular sperm whale carving I got from Ogasawara last year:

A trio of hand-carved sperm whales, crafted in Ogasawara

...and also this lovely humpback whale, which I named Poto, in honour of a wonderful baby whale we had the privilege of encountering toward the end of my stay in the Tonga this season.

Beautiful carving of a humpback whale, sent to me from Ogasawara

Poto was the 19th calf we ID-ed in Tonga.

Yes...I know I'm way behind on putting together my calf summary for Tonga this season. Please bear with me. After I get back from Ambon, I should be staying put for a while, so I'll have a bit of time to catch my breath and catch up with the calf ID project.