Article: The Photographic Eye

lionfishI've just started contributing a regular column called The Photographic Eye for Wetpixel Quarterly, which is the print magazine covering underwater photography and related issues produced by my friends from Wetpixel.

The idea behind this column is to pick a photograph and discuss some of the thoughts, preparation and any other relevant considerations that went into creating the image. The column is not meant to be a "how to", but more like a "how this image happened", if that makes sense.

In this inaugural instalment (PDF 1.5MB), I discuss some of the considerations that went into creating an image of a lionfish on the prowl, taken last year at Suzie's Bommie at Loloata Island Resort in Papua New Guinea.

There's also a brief sidebar about a new dome that I used, which made all the difference in light and colour quality in the image...the Pro-One dome. I'll write more about it in another post.

If you're an avid underwater photographer and haven't checked out Wetpixel or Wetpixel Quarterly yet, do so now.