Interview: Adventures in Motion

diver with soft coralThis is a PDF copy (958kB) of an article about multimedia storytelling, written by Ethan Salwen for the Fall 2010 issue of Currents magazine, which is published by The North American Nature Photography Association.

It's probably obvious if you've followed my site for a while, but I think this topic is a really important subject for everyone who's interested in visual media...especially for photographers.

Ethan did an excellent job of distilling lots of information and ideas from the people he interviewed for the article into a meaningful overview.

As part of his background research, Ethan contacted me, and we had a terrific discussion over Skype about some of the attractions and potential pitfalls of adopting new technology and software.

Fortunately, I had just finished editing my Night Safari video using Aperture 3, and I was right in the middle of putting together my video about diving in the Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea, so basically, I had a lot to say!

Ethan also spoke with my friends Mary Lynn Price (the driving force behind DiveFilm) and Eric Cheng (the driving force behind Wetpixel), as well as several other talented media professionals in order to collect views from people with a diverse set of backgrounds and wide range of experience.

Whether you're just getting started in photography or you consider yourself an old-hand, I highly recommend reading Ethan's article.

While you're at it, check out the The North American Nature Photography Association website. All issues of Currents magazine will be available online for NANPA members starting with the next issue.

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